Not all problems in life can be solved by machine learning. Sometimes you want to bake something extremely unhealthy and extremely delicious; and I’m fortunate to have the free time to pursue these desires. Recently I learned how to make, but not pronounce, croissants and macarons through lots of trial and error and some faithful taste testing by my wife and my coworkers.

The croissants were surprisingly time consuming when compared to what I saw on the great british baking show. Even still, they turned out great and even my boss who was born and raised in France approved:

Macarons were quite a good deal more difficult and technique driven. There were so many places where you could go wrong, from splitting the ganache, to over working the batter that they took a bit of practice to get right. Before Christmas I brought a bunch of mint-white chocolate macarons into the Forge.AI, and Ivan was kind enough to take some pictures in exchange for a couple:

Photo credit to Ivan Aguilar and his mustache.